Our leadership

Yini Guva A. Sahn, MBA, MS, MCP, CCENT, CCNA

Chief Executive Director

Yini Guva A. Sahn acts as an advisor on strategic organizational initiatives. He advises the management and board on what to do to achieve its goals and objectives. In addition, he is responsible for aligning the organization with relevant technologies – Information Technology.

Before volunteering for this position, Yini Guva has been an IT/Postal Contractor and non–profit business advisor for a few non–profit organizations such as the Nimba Development Institute, From God to Man, and the Community of Hope Care, Inc.

In addition to his new found interest in non–profit business development, Yini Guva has worked as End user support specialist for major corporations in the twin cities including, Boston Scientific and Guidant corporations. He also undertook and IT project in Liberia, West Africa, where he introduced “Track and Trace”, a basic postal technology.

Mr. Sahn received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Liberia and Masters of Business Administration from Ashland University in Ohio. He recently received his Masters of Science in Information Technology Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.