Our Leadership

The structure of NDI is very simple. The corporation has a board of directors, executive director and a secretary. The Executive Director and the Secretary run the organization and report to the Board.

Yini Guva A. Sahn, MBA, MS, MCP, CCENT

Chief Executive Director

Yini Guva A. Sahn acts as an advisor on strategic organizational initiatives. He advises the management and board on what to do to achieve its goals and objectives. In addition, he is responsible for aligning the organization with relevant technologies – Information Technology.

Before volunteering for this position, Yini Guva has been an IT/Postal Contractor and non–profit business advisor for a few non–profit organizations such as the Nimba Development Institute, From God to Man, and the Community of Hope Care, Inc.

In addition to his new found interest in non–profit business development, Yini Guva has worked as End user support specialist for major corporations in the twin cities including, Boston Scientific and Guidant corporations. He also undertook and IT project in Liberia, West Africa, where he introduced “Track and Trace”, a basic postal technology.

Mr. Sahn received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Liberia and Masters of Business Administration from Ashland University in Ohio. He recently received his Masters of Science in Information Technology Management from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

Mrs. Koko Tarr, RN, BSN, PHN

Officer and Board member

Mrs. Tarr serves as the founder and CEO of Community of Hope Care, Inc. She is involved in the organizational activities of the organization. She travels back and forth to Sanniquellie City, where the first project has started.

Mrs. Tarr is very passionate about providing free health care services to those who can’t afford the cost of services. She is really praying that her dream will come to reality.

Mrs. Tarr has worked at many key medical institutions in Minnesota including North Memorial and Abbott North Western Hospitals in the twin cities. Besides her regular full time job, she works at other health care facilities on part time basis.

Mrs. Tarr received her RN from Lake Superior College and her BSN from Bethel University in Minnesota. She plans to obtain her Masters in Public Health to enable her to serve her people in Liberia. Mrs. Koko Tarr is married and lives with her family in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Mr. Irvinton Ben


Irvinton is the chairman of NDI’s board. With his years of experience in bothprivate and public sectors here and in Liberia, Mr. Ben is well helps shape theorganization’s objectives.

Before assuming this position, Irvinton has worked in the health careindustry. His assignments have been with Catholic Charities, and House ofCharities, both in the Twin Cities. Ben worked also as manager of the oncefamous Ducor Palace Hotel in Monrovia, Ducor Intercontinental hotel. Irvintonis also member of several community organizations such as UNICCO, OLM.

Mr. Ben received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health CareManagement from the American University in Minnesota. Ben is excited to bepart of this organization. He lives with his children in Brooklyn Center,Minnesota.

Mr. Arthur Massaquoi


Bio info coming soon, please check back for updates.