About NDI

NDI is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Founded in 1998, its major purpose is to bring together well-meaning Nimbaians to chart the county's course of development through education, research and business. NDI’s membership is open to all Nimba citizens, Liberians, and friends of Liberia. Associate membership shall be granted to friends of Liberia and students.


The objectives of NDI will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • To mobilize interested citizens of Nimba County to chart its course of development.
  • To contribute towards the educational, economic, social and technological developments of Nimba County.
  • To promote the sense of mutual understanding, peace, and respect among all Nimba County citizens.
  • Establish a sub organization of Small Business in Nimba County to provide basic entrepreneurship training to local entrepreneurs and all those interested.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship and assist interested Nimbaians/Liberians already in business to achieve their dreams through seminars and practical business education.
  • Explore, establish and implement programs that will be helpful to the people of Nimba County. Create and maintain a database of all qualified and willing Nimba County citizens abroad and in the homeland.


NDI’s mission is to empower development-conscious Liberians through sustainable means of creating wealth in their own back yards through entrepreneurial education - (BUSINESS), and Research.

NDI’s Principles

The Nimba Development Institute has the following principles:

  • It believes that all human beings were created equal and have the capacity to improve on their knowledge to the fullest potential, if given the opportunity thus making them useful citizens.
  • An individual can reach his/her highest social and economic potential by enhancing their knowledge through education and socialization with others.
  • That all Nimba citizens treat each other with respect and should never double cross or undermine each other for any reasons.
  • Encourage honest competition in all aspects of our endeavors.
  • Encourage open communications, foster creativity, teamwork and constructive conflict resolution process.
  • Members of NDI are expected to play leadership roles in all their undertakings.
  • That we learn to cope with changes because they are the way of life.

NDI History

NDI was organized in 1998 in Minneapolis as a CLEARING HOUSE for development ideas. The Trans-Atlantic Development Enterprises, Inc. (TRADE), was its first offspring. TRADE was organized and operated as a corporation for seven years. The corporation was liquidated in 2003. Lessons were learned from the reasons for the liquidation of TRADE, INC. NDI was revived last year and is fully functional. All Nimbaians, Liberians and friends of Liberia are encouraged to become members. For more information, check the information page on our site.

Motto: Education is the key to development.